Carbon Management Engineering

Purple Technology goes carbon neutral

Purple Technology's carbon footprint measurement project is proof of the need for environmental commitment from companies around the world to fight the climate crisis. Even though Toroto and Purple Technology are companies operating in different countries, it is possible to carry out accurate, comprehensive, complete, transparent and comparable inventories and emissions reports.

Basic information

  • The carbon footprint was measured with information specific to the Czech Republic
  • Measurement and reporting adhering to international protocols
  • Quantification of their scope one, two and three emissions
  • 1.81 tons of CO2e/employee
  • Communication services and strategy

Project Overview

Distance is not an issue when it comes to measuring a company's carbon footprint. Purple Technology's sources of emissions were identified through a series of interviews. From the use of the company's vehicles to the consumption of other energy sources in its offices, scope one and scope two emissions were measured. In addition, emissions relevant to the company such as home office or employee transportation were considered. For Purple Technology's carbon footprint measurement and offset project, a communication and carbon management strategy was also included, services that are always available to companies.


What is the specific information for the Czech Republic?

Because each country has different energy sources, it is necessary to consider the emission factors specific to the country where the reporting company is located. This is often necessary for measuring emissions from electricity consumption (because each country has its own power generation systems) and even for other fuels such as gas or petrol. In the case of Purple Technology, country-specific emission factors were considered in measuring its carbon footprint to ensure the quality of the results.

Is it possible to offset the carbon emissions of a company located in another country with carbon certificates produced in Mexico?

Yes! The carbon certificates that Toroto makes are available to companies. They’re verified by Climate Action Reserve, which accredits the conditions for carbon certificates to be available on voluntary global carbon markets.

How can an emissions inventory be conducted for a company located in another country?

Since Toroto measures and reports the emissions of companies in a manner that adheres to the internationally recognized GHG Protocol, it is possible to guarantee the comparability of emissions reports from companies located in different countries. This way, Purple Technology can compare its environmental performance with another FinTech company anywhere else in the world that measures and reports to the same standards.

Geographical location