Field Projects

Operation of a Forest Nursery in Hidalgo

Located in the Apan Basin in Hidalgo and in an important ejido in the region, the forest nursery produces the necessary plants to carry out reforestation in the polygons of the Aquifer Recharge Program in the same region, a project carried out in collaboration with Grupo Modelo.

Basic information

  • Trans-Mexican volcanic belt region
  • Annual production capacity of up to 120,000 plants
  • More than 79,714 plants produced
  • 5 permanent employees in the nursery
  • Survival kit for field plants

Project Overview

The program of activities consists of the selection of individuals and areas for germplasm collection, seed collection and processing, plant production, and plant field release. The nursery has developed a methodology to produce germplasm and plants that can be well adapted to local ecosystems. One of our main objectives is to guarantee the germination success and survival of mycorrhized plants leaving the nursery for the field with hydrogel and slow release tablet fertilizer. By producing the plant with material from the same region, we ensure that it has a better establishment to achieve ecological restoration.


Problems of the area

The valley soils are eroded, with no tree vegetation or extraction of water from the aquifer. On the social side, there are not enough local jobs with legal benefits or guarantees for workers.


The main type of vegetation for this region is xerophytic shrub, where species such as Opuntia spp, agave spp, juniperus deppeana Steud, Quercus rugosa Neé, Quercus frutex Treel, Yucca filifera Chabaud, Dasylirion acrotrichum (Schiede) Zucc, Muhlenbergia macroura (Kunth) Hitchhiker. And Pimpinella anisum L. predominate.

Social benefits

We employ people from the ejidos and communities where the project is located, who are hired in a formal manner, with legal benefits and guarantees. They are also provided with the necessary protective equipment to carry out their activities safely.