Welcome to the family: Purple Technology

Both Purple Technology and Toroto know that the most important problem we should tackle together as a society is climate change. That’s why, we are excited to announce that Purple Technology and Toroto are now working together to offset Purple Technology’s carbon footprint.

Purple Technology is an outsourcing fintech company. For nine years, they’ve known that the best thing you can do is generate value for society. As they say so “It’s people we care about”. Following that path, Purple Technology is now offsetting its carbon footprint.

To achieve this, Purple Technology went through a measuring process, during which they showed great interest in identifying their emissions sources and measuring them.

Although Purple Technology is a company located in Brno, Czech Republic and Toroto in México, confinement, distance and communications didn’t pose a challenge for Purple Technology to show their great commitment to people, the planet and measuring their carbon footprint.

With emission factors specific to the Czech Republic and emission sources identified and classified in the different scopes established by the GHG Protocol, Purple Technology's carbon footprint, in the 12-month period from August 2019 to July 2020 was measured and subsequently reported in an emissions inventory. 

Not only was this carbon footprint 100% compensated (making Purple Technology an emissions neutral company), but it is also 59% made up of scope 3 emissions. It is important to mention at this point that scope 3 emissions are those indirect emissions, which a company has no control over and yet are part of its value chain.

This means that in addition to measuring and offsetting the emissions from their use of electricity and fuel, emissions from business travel, transportation of company employees and even the home office to which part of the Purple Technology team had already been resorting since before COVID-19, were taken into account. In this way, Purple Technology made it clear that when it comes to a crisis, only those who are truly committed demonstrate their leadership. 

Purple Technology's decision to undertake a process of measuring, reporting and offsetting its carbon footprint is more related to generating value for society than one might normally believe. Purple Technology's carbon footprint neutralization was carried out with carbon offsets from forestry projects in Oaxaca, Mexico, where residents have the opportunity to see a significant reduction in inequalities, the creation of new economic opportunities and to maintain their land through the production of environmental services. In addition, Purple Technology acquired services from Toroto that demonstrate that fighting the climate crisis is more effective with the integration of technological and communication tools

Some of these tools are:

1. A platform in which they’ll be able to compare their carbon footprint to other companies in the same sector.

2. They’ll be able to track their carbon footprint.

3. Actions Purple Technology can take to further reduce their carbon footprint.

4. Get to know the forests they support to offset their carbon footprint. (GIS)

As you can see Purple Technology and Toroto are completely invested in creating a future for all. This being said, we’re really excited to have Purple Technology on board.