We are hiring!

● Carbon management engineering manager

● Carbon management engineering analyst

● Geographical information systems manager

● Geographical information systems analyst

● Forestry engineering manager

● Forestry engineering analyst

Toroto is here to build a carbon neutral society in accordance with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We are a company of the future working in the present. The future is clear and it belongs to everybody.

We are looking for someone to join our environmental engineering department. It deals with the design and execution of the projects we develop with the companies we work with. This can include designing inventories for greenhouse gas emissions, measuring the carbon footprint of different companies, proposing and executing emmisions-reduction strategies, devoloping environmental software, designing and elaborataing sustainability projects, and other activities related with the variety of services Toroto provides.

We also design and develop forestry projects that comply with international and national carbon-capture protocols.



● Other engineering programs (environmental is preferred, in sustainable development, in renewable energies, or related)

● Biology

● Earth sciencies

● Economy

● Forestry engineering


Personal skills:

● Potential to lead

● Ease of language

● Empathy

● Interest and knowledge in environmental topics.

● Open to change

● Teamplayer

● Emotional intelligence

● Sense of humor


Roles and Responsabilities:

● Executing environmental projects related to caring for our clients carbon footprint

● Be proactive! Always come up with new ways to improve Toroto

● Constantly studying and learning new things to braoden your knowledege and tools is important


Technical knowledge needed:

● The ability to measure the carbon footprint of a tortillería; this will be checked at the interview for the carbon management engineering positions.

DEEP knowledge about topics related to the climate crisis

● Carbon-capture protocols for the forestry engineering vacants

● Geographical information systems building and sustaining for the GIS engineering vacants


We offer:

● Competitive salary

● Home office is possible (we've been doing it since before COVID started and we'll keep doing it)

● Access to educational platforms

● The offices are in Condesa / Roma and surroundings

● Vesting in the long run

Contact: If you think this job is for you, upload your CV here: https://lnkd.in/eAgMbK9 or share it with someone that might be looking for a job!