Let's build a future compatible with life, together

Summit Health, a mexican dermocosmetic brand, it is now carbon neutral, and we are very proud to announce it today.

As a company, every time someone asks about our services we feel extremely grateful and excited because it shows that more and more of us are taking action to build a future compatible with life.


Summit Health is a mexican dermocosmetic brand of products and services inspired by nature, it has given us the opportunity to work hand in hand to become carbon neutral, and we are very proud to announce it today.


Although our environment is not necessarily in direct contact with nature, we can be sure that there are forests that have our support. There are people who are working so that those natural lungs let us live and enjoy our beautiful planet.


We know that the net-zero movement has just begun. We are sure that little by little more companies will join Summit Health in this movement, and you may wonder, why? What are the benefits? Well, the answer is quite simple. With your contribution, companies have the possibility to compensate the equivalent CO2 of their operations. First we measure the carbon footprint of the company (tonnes of CO2 that are generated by your company’s operations), then we make a proposal to compensate those CO2 tonnes though the carbon market and carbon offsets acquisition. Finally, the money goes directly into the forests.


There are people specialized in working with forests through modern forest management techniques so that each tree absorbs CO2 efficiently. To estimate the total amount of CO2 captured by the whole forest, they measure the amount of CO2 captured by EACH tree in a specific area. Can you imagine the amount of work this means? Being carbon neutral is much more than just a certificate, it brings benefits such as generation of jobs in rural communities, climate knowledge generation, complete restoration of ecosystems, care and monitoring of flora and fauna. In addition, each company that decides to neutralize their footprint with Toroto receives direct access to a specialized platform where all this information is presented with graphs.


When someone announces that they are carbon neutral it means something much deeper than just getting a certificate, and for that reason we say with great emotion, thank you! Thank you Summit Health for trusting in what we do and what we can achieve, thank you for joining us and welcome to the Toroto family.


Let's continue building a future for all.


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