When did we stop considering ourselves part of nature?

The way we had to evolve as a society made us believe we were something separate from nature, when in reality we live in a delicate balance.

When did we stop seeing ourselves as part of nature?

Our relationship with natural resources is what has always set the pace at which we evolve as a species. We became sedentary when we learned how to harvest, not only when we learned how to harvest but when we learned how to manipulate fire, which is a form of energy.

Revolutions like The Industrial Revolution happened when we learned how to use coal for steam engines, it generated a whole industry and a brutal social transformation. We’re living that social transformation it's known as the technologic revolution because we learned how to use oil and that took us to a point where we stopped seeing ourselves as beings that belong to nature and we started seeing ourselves as something separate. 

This for me happens when the resources we use in our daily lives get to us through mechanical means. We don´t have to go to the river to get water we simply turn the tap on, we don’t have to make fire to keep warm at night. When we don't know how hard it is to get these natural resources we use them at a bigger scale than if it were up to us to get them daily. We also forget that they are natural resources so not only do we use more water than what we could use if we had to get it for ourselves, we also forget that that water comes from rivers and that we share it with other living beings, we share it with plants, we share it with fishes, we share with turtles.

We've been taught that everything is reproducible, everything is replaceable, everything is easy to get and we don't really pay the price for the things we get everyday, which is the cost of fixing the environment we harm by choosing to use these products. These are damages that we’re constantly doing to the planet and we expect that it absorbs them somehow but we're not held accountable for them. It’s like living in a building and not paying maintenance, clearly, the building is going to deteriorate and it’s going to deteriorate fast.

 I would like for society to remember that we live in a planet made out of systems that work in a combined way and they break down if something fails. We live in a planet that’s the owner of a delicate balance with which we are messing with today. I would like to encourage people to always keep that in mind and that we have this knowledge at the back of our minds in every decision we make.


This is an excerpt from "A Future" a documentary film by Toroto. You can watch it here.


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