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Dear Mario Molina: We will lead by example!

Mario Molina was one of the people that found out about the damage we were doing to the ozone layer, and did something about it. This blog post is for him.

ON FIRE: Biden’s Green Deal or The Green New Deal?

Presidential debates have already started. As one of the countries that pollute the most is really important to keep track of their proposals to fight climate change.

Are you a victim of greenwashing?

It's easy to be a victim of greenwashing. We need to start making wise decisions towards the planet, if the planet heals, we heal.

Welcome to the family: Purple Technology

In an effort to help the ever growing climate crisis, Purple Technology allowed Toroto help them measure their carbon footprint to offset it.

Guess what? You are also eating microplastics

We consume up to 11,000 particles of microplastics a year. Do we eliminate them completely? How do they affect our body?

How has e-commerce grown and how can we make it more sustainable?

E-commerce has grown since we had to stay home because of COVID-19. It will keep increasing over 60% in the next few months. How can we make e-commerce more sustainable?

Once upon a time a polar bear was in danger...

The way we inform future generations about the climate crisis will help them do something about it.

The environmental crisis and the gender divide

Does the climate crisis affect women in the same way as men? Do women have a different carbon footprint than men?

When did we stop considering ourselves part of nature?

The way we had to evolve as a society made us believe we were something separate from nature, when in reality we live in a delicate balance.

My health and the health of our planet

On a more personal note, we´re going to try and understand how the health of our planet and our health are one and the same.

Our digital carbon footprint

Our digital carbon footprint is poised to overcome that of international travel. How did we get here, and what can be done?

Forest management: the most powerful tool you don't know about

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How to take your company cabron-neutral

The company of the future is carbon-neutral. Why, and how can you get there?

What is carbon-capture?

If there is an underused powerful tool fight the climate crisis, that's carbon-capture. What is it, and what makes it so powerful?

Who is responsible for the climate crisis?

We are going to take a deep look at what are the reasons for so much CO2 in the atmosphere, and where does that CO2 come from.